The first rule of Digital Signage is Who, What and Why!

  1. Who - are you wanting to attract?
  2. What - do you want to achieve?
  3. Why - why are you doing this?

There are several elements that go into producing striking digital signage, but the most important is making it relevant to your audience.

At the beginning of any discussions around digital signage these two questions should be asked:

  • What do you want the screen to do?
  • What do you want to say to your customers?

It really comes down to the message that you are trying to get accross to your customers, and future customers.

For example: CInemas are using digital signage for patrons to access tickets and concessions in lieu of waiting on long lines. Have a look at an example of the Skycity Cinemas, touch screen kiosks here:

Content should looked upon as relevant as well informational, thus drawing the eye of  consumer / client walking by.

There are many applications of where Digital Signage can be used, some of the clients that we have worked with are in industries such as; Universities, Office / Commercial Buildings, Cinemas, Schools, Events Venues. 

The next element of quality content is the design of the presentation.

  • Is the display eye-catching?
  • Does it stand out in its surroundings?
  • Is it using your branding?
  • What story is the signage telling about you / your company?

The increasing sophistication of digital signage technology is boosting this element appreciably, so much so that it is standard to have broadcast quality in your signs.

Interactive touch-screens should be intuitive, while each element should be placed so that it flows with the rest of the display – i.e. a clock should be displayed in the lower corner where it is out of the way but accessible at any time.

Another critical aspect of content is timing. Unlike newspaper ads, billboards, and even TV spots, digital signage should have the ability to be refreshed and altered quickly and frequently.

Using information available on the web will give the viewer interest in not only the ads but current events. News feeds, sports and weather updates are commonly used to attract interest.

The speed of which digital signage hardware is becoming available needs to be balanced by the quality of content .  Esignz have the ability to design your content to be complimented by the . Rich, dynamic, and highly tailored content on digital signage will be the norm as the technology is mastered.

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