E Visitor

The eVisitor system is a stand alone application that runs on a single computer. The system provides a mechanism for visitors to sign in to the company at reception and have visitor labels printed, but more essentially hold a database of all visitors and when and if they have signed out of the building  so that in the event of an evacuation a list can be produced of visitors.

The system runs as a mini web server and the welcome screen and visitor log application run via a browser screen. This allows multiple visitor entry points and welcome screens by the addition of more computers and screens. The database is only held on one machine.

  • Additionally, an admin function allows for several functions
    • Current Visitor List
  • This shows a list of all the current visitors who are still signed in along with who they were visiting and their sign in time.
    • Visitor Report
  • List of all the visitors over a selected date range. This can be ordered by date or who was being visited and would show the visitor name, company, sign-in time and sign-out time.
    • Edit Employee List
  • Allows adding or deleting employees that are being visited. Generally this would be a database of all the employees of the company

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