What is this touch technology?

The ability to integrate touch is a technology all of its own.

Currently, eSignz provides the widest portfolio of touchscreen solutions, including 4 and 5 wire resistive, surface wave, infrared and surface capacitive.

Touch screens range in size from 5.4 inch through to a massive 84 inch.  The can be mounted into a display such as a kiosk, used as a presentation moniter in a board room, or mounted to the outisde of a window for "touch through" requirements (i.e real estate windows).

Which touch is the correct type for your application?

 4 Wire Resistive5 Wire ResistiveCapacitiveSurface Wave (SAW)
Infrared (IR)
Base Size5.4" - 24" 10.4" - 24" 12" - 24"10.4" - 32"10.4" - 42"
Touch Life1 - 2 M30 - 35 M 100 M 50 M 100 M +
1024x10241024x1024 4096x4096 4096x4096
Transparency81%81% 93% 90% 90%
Warranty1 Year5 Year5 Year 10 Year 5 Year
Spec Sheets
 4 wire resistive 5 wire resistive Capacitive SAW Infrared (IR)

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