Wallflower Lite

Wallflower Lite is a stand alone version of Wallflower.  This is suitable for simple installations.

WallflowerLite is designed to be implemented where the scheduler and display are housed on the same machine.  Wallflower Lite is useful as a demstration tool as it can be installed simply on one machine.  The scheduler and the display use the MSDE SQL server database on the one machine for storing scheudles and one single media folder is used.

WallFlower Network

Wallflower Network is designed for use where the scheduler and display are on separate machines. This is used in organisations that have multiple displays. The scheduler is able to schedule multiple locations each of which may be one or more displays. 

The Scheduler database is often a full copy of MS SQL server although MSDE can be used for smaller organisations.

 Wallflower is the scheduler module that displays your content and communicates with your digital signage hardware. It is a robust software player designed to run 24/7. 

  • Wallflower lets you split your screen into multiple zones with individual content or play lists.
  • Text Banner Display manually entered text, text files and RSS data streamed from public sources
  • Wallflower downloads and updates in the background without affecting your currently displayed content.

Compatible with all mainstream media types:

  • Power Point® 2003
  • Video: MPEG Windows® Media HD, Div-x, QuickTime® 7 HD
  • Sound: wave, WMA, MP3
  • Images: Bmp, gif, jpeg
  • HTML (requires internet access)
  • Director® & Flash®
  • DVD-video playback, TV tuner and any Direct-X based input feeds (requires compatible hardware)

The best integrated Digital Signage solution!

Uses could include:

  • a bar or retail store owner where the owner develops his own media
  • an advertising agent that wants to showcase their creations
  • a reception area that wants to play a variety of infomration at various times of day 
  • a shop window that wants to display pictures with time sensitive material on the same screen
For a free demostration of Wallflower Software, click here